English Springer Country of Origin & facts.

The English Springer Spaniel originated in England.

Height:  Male English Springer Spaniels range from 19 inches to 21 inches. Female English Springer Spaniels range from 18
inches to 20 inches.

Weight:  Male English Springer Spaniels range from 45 to 55 pounds. Female English Springer Spaniels range from 40-50

Colors:  English Springer Spaniels are usually black/white, liver/white or liver/white/tan.

Coat:  English Springer Spaniels have straight or partly wavy coats that are water resistant.

Temperament:  The English Springer Spaniel is energetic and friendly. An intelligent dog breed, they are easy to train.

Life Expectancy:  The expected life span of the English Springer Spaniel is 10-14 years.

Living Environment:  English Springer Spaniels are energetic dogs who need daily exercise. This dog breed will do best in a
house with a fenced yard.

AKC considers the English Springer Spaniel as the Sporting group.

They can be Bench or  Field. We Raise Field. Which is good for hunting or family pet.
Bench most often are used for Show dogs.


eager to please,

        quick to learn

                 and willing to obey...
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